Tuesday, February 19, 2019

My animal

This week for homework we have been doing these activities and one was called design your own animal. This is the one I chose because it mean't creating it and I love creating anyway I made mine out of lego this is my animal its half shark and half duck

Monday, February 18, 2019

Linc ed goals

 This week we worked on a slide that was working on our linc ed goals these are my goals maths reading and writing and here are mine.

Monday, December 3, 2018

summer learning journey prep

1. What is the capital of Santiago?_______ (Las condes)
2. The population of the city is _______ (5.614mil people)
3. In Januarary the weather in the capital city is______ ( degrees celsius
4. the capital city is located in _______ ( South )
5. What language is mostly spoken in the country ______ (Spanish)

Friday, November 30, 2018

pet day

Today is pet day and if you a wondering what pet day is well its a day at the end of the year and have to bring a live animal , a stuffed toy or a pet rock and there is also anther thing that goes as well you can also bring a sand saucer or a vegtable sculpture but it has to be built at school.

After we had built our sculptures and saucers it was time for us to head out to the field

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Link- ed

Today we discovered a new app called Link - ed. So basically what this app does is if you haven't heard of something called sea saw well its basically like that but I guess it is better and you can blog stuff and publish work. and today we had to publish stuff and it was fun. We published our T4 easttle maths test , geometry and measurement slides , learning blog and 2 of our reading things or activities. 

But before you could go and start the teacher showed us the folders the maths folder , the learning blog folder, the reading folder and the writing folder. And it was cool because you could also see the results.

This link- ed app was pretty cool and I kind of enjoyed but Yeah I liked doing the writing for it as well.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Hooked on books

This week we had an event that happens every year called hooked on books and we have read 5 books including Liars, Goldfish boy, Storybound , you will laugh your head off  And Cool nukes that we are currently reading at the moment which its pretty cool but Liars has definitlly been my Favourite book and I really want to finish the book off.

I kind of enjoyed discovering new books like that liars book and I also did enjoy reading some of goldfish boy like discovering the price of a day off school that sixty dollars in the uk which is so expensive for something like missing a day of school like you need to be able to get a holiday.

And Liars jarli and his father get smashed into by an old man with black glasses and starts to chase jarli knowing you really dont no what that old man want like either Jarli or his father and also leading jarli into getting shot in the head.

As well as storybound as this girl una is just casually reading a book then gets written into it and cannot get out of it and meats The characters to the book Lady snow , The brave knight peter and the fearsom Dragon.

I really enjoyed Hooked on books  Espcally Liars.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


This afternoon we had a visitor come in called Tama Tia who worked for a thing called Atitude. He was really funny with the stuff that he was saying and he was talking about what your personality was like if it was the Otter , Lion, Golden retriever and beaver but when he said golden retriever I knew that was at least 50% of me and and the other was an otter for sure.

Then he started talking about the choices we make and our genes which was funny because he started talking about a story about two brothers that went to a youth prison and one of the brothers sat at the front and the other sat at the back and then he said the brother that was at the back had a bad life going to a actual prison and the other brother lived a good life and it was kind of sad that the other brother thought that he couldn't  do anything to stop what he was going through.

 then he went and it was the end which yeah he was really funny and he had a good personality and that was our visit